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Our Aims & Values

A small, local charity with big ambitions; specialising in truly relevant support and with clear objectives that focus on the needs of our users and their family carers

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We believe that everyone with a learning disability should have the right to choice, opportunity and respect – whatever their age or disability. We also believe that support for the families of people with a learning disability is vital to achieving our vision.

Southampton Mencap's Nine Key Aims (Hover for more information)

Respond To

Respond to needs of people with a learning disability and their families in a flexible and approachable manner; support them to have short breaks from their caring responsibilities.


Encourage participation of more people with a learning disability and their families to get involved and have a say in the future  planning of the organisation.

Provide More

Provide more services by developing new activities which help fill some of the gaps in provision for people with a learning disability and their families.


Deliver information which is timely, appropriate and up-to-date on a range of issues related to learning disability.


Raise awareness locally, to the rights of people with a learning disability and their families by jointly working with others who share our goals in making a difference.


Represent views of people with a learning disability and their families, so that their voices are heard and learning disability issues are taken into consideration at all levels.


Raise funds to support our existing services and to develop new initatives that center the learning disability comunity.


Support parents by helping with the development of parent groups with similar goals to the organisation.

Support Our

Support our staff by being a good employer, providing opportunities for staff development in order to professionally deliver our services.


Families – this will be used throughout the document to mean parents, carers and other family members living with and supporting a person with a learning disability. It does not mean a carer receiving payment for providing care as part of employment.

Inclusion – this means people with a learning disability being supported to participate in their local community in a meaningful and appropriate way, including socialising with friends of their choosing and with people without learning disabilities.

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