Independent Home Visitor Service

Independent Home Visitor Service

Carers of people with a learning disability seek re-assurance that someone in an independent role will continue to have ongoing contact with their relative when they are no longer able to be actively involved.  They have anxieties about when they cannot continue to directly care for or be involved in their relative’s life, e.g. due to their physical condition or ultimately their death.  The service allays their concerns about what is in place to support their relatives when they are no longer in a position to be actively involved and it recognises that when this situation occurs there is nobody in an independent role able to highlight any issues or concerns on their behalf.

The Independent Home Visitor Service provides contact for people living in supported housing or residential accommodation without the support of a family member by matching them up with an Independent Home Visitor who is able to visit them on a regular basis.  Amongst the Independent Home Visitors several have been family carers who have been eager to be involved in the service.

Southampton Mencap has been delivering this project since 2011 and currently has 10 volunteers acting as Independent Home Visitors to 10 people with a learning disability, with 3 on the waiting list. The service has the capacity to support up to 6 more clients and will be recruiting up to 4 volunteers who can be matched up to offer regular visits.

If you would like to make an application for this service please find a referral form below.

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