ISF Pilot Report

Southampton Mencap strongly believes in the personalisation of services and strives at all times to design and deliver cost effective and quality services. The organisation fully backs the principle that personalisation is a key driver for health and social care to support people who have care and support needs to achieve the outcomes they want in their lives, in ways that best suit them.

Southampton City Council already purchases services from Southampton Mencap which have all proved to be of good quality and value and, alongside its registration on the Support with Confidence Scheme in 2013, the organisation was delighted to be involved in the Individual Service Fund [ISF] pilot with Southampton City Council

This one-off “Demonstrator” pilot explored the introduction of an ISF service as a delivery mechanism to facilitate personalisation in Adult Social Care. Two organisations were involved in the “Demonstrator” – Southampton Mencap and Spectrum who both helped SCC to explore different models of an ISF to enable a full “compare and contrast” evaluation. Southampton Mencap offered the service to adults with learning disabilities and Spectrum offered it children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities [SEND]; this element was also specifically connected to the SEND Pathfinder Pilot scheme.

Southampton Mencap ran the ISF Pilot for 15 months from 1st March 2013 to 31st March 2014 [with an extension of funding to the end of June 14], with the purpose of identifying:-

a) The specific benefits (or dis-benefits) of an ISF for customers, family carers, providers and the Council;
b) Customer demand for an ISF;
c) The costs of delivering an ISF.

By the end of the pilot, Out of the 7 participants, 4 felt empowered to take on a Direct Payment, with 3 returning to a SCC managed fund.

The full evaluation report is available to download.