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HandyCrafts is a Day Service for crafty people who enjoy participating in a range of fun, creative and practical activities,

HCImg4When? Mondays from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Where? The Mencap Centre, 187a Portswood Road, Southampton, SO172NF. Members may enjoy some day trips out, for example, to Southampton City Art Gallery

Costs? £59 per day with optional additional costs for some activities, for example, eating out

Group Size? Maximum 20 places per day

Still not sure? Apply for a taster session! Email the completed Day Service Expression Of Interest Form to e.iles@southamptonmencap.co.uk



Southampton Mencap embraces both the new and the traditional.  We want to give adults with a learning disability the opportunity to make, do, create, mend, fix and repair.   We want to do this in a stimulating environment where everybody is given the support they need to craft beautiful and practical things for the home and learn essential and practical skills.


So what’s the big attraction?

Well, Arts & Crafts activities are just plain old fun; from selecting colours to choosing patterns, from visualising to creating.  It can be fun to make something with your own hands and the end result means there is always something to take away with you.

There are so many benefits:-

  • HCImg7It’s economical and often less expensive to make things yourself, e.g. necklaces, scarves, cards, pictures, etc.
  • It’s relaxing and helps people to feel much more calm and peaceful when engaged in craft work.
  • It’s nice to have an interest that allows you to express your inner artist and design something beautiful and/or useful.
  • It can take your mind off of other challenges you might be having in your life and can be a wonderful distraction if you need one.
  • It’s empowering; you feel really good when you finish a project which is all your own work.
  • It can help to make you feel more self-sufficient and have confidence in your ability to make things for yourself and not rely on others.
  • It can help with your eye-hand coordination
  • Using your hands to craft something from start to finish is an excellent way of keeping your brain active and stimulated.
  • It helps you become creative by thinking about colours, size, how you will use it, etc.
  • It puts you in touch with others who enjoy making things and can lead to new friendships.

To find out more information about HandyCrafts, please download the Handy Crafts Leaflet and get in contact with us if you, or someone you know, is interested in enrolling.