Aims and Objectives

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A small, local charity with big ambitions; specialising in truly relevant support and with clear objectives that focus on the needs of our users and their family carers

Mission Statement

We believe that everyone with a learning disability should have the right to choice, opportunity and respect – whatever their age or disability. We also believe that support for the families of people with a learning disability is vital to achieving our vision.

Southampton Mencap’s Nine Key Aims

Respond to NeedsDeliver InformationRaise AwarenessEncourage ParticipationRepresent ViewsSupport ParentsProvide More ServicesRaise FundsSupport Our Staff


Families – this will be used throughout the document to mean parents, carers and other family members living with and supporting a person with a learning disability. It does not mean a carer receiving payment for providing care as part of employment.

Inclusion – this means people with a learning disability being supported to participate in their local community in a meaningful and appropriate way, including socialising with friends of their choosing and with people without learning disabilities.